Saturday, July 16, 2016


Einsamkeit is an Olympia based tape label. Since its inception the focus has been on releasing black metal, dark ambient, punk and neo-folk cassettes by bands/projects from the Cascadia region. Any profits made from sales go directly back into future releases. For demo submissions contact me directly at For News and other updates visit

Einsamkeit Catolog:
Anything that doesn't say SOLD OUT or COMING SOON is currently available. If an album has been repressed the previous pressings are no longer available.

All tapes are $6 plus shipping, contact me through the above email adress with what you are interested in and where you are located and I will send a total including shipping.

E - 001 Twilight Falls - "Lore From an Ancient Forest" 1st press 100 copies 2nd press 145 copies
E - 002 Vradiazei - "Ancient Church" 200 copies SOLD OUT
E- 003 BlackMold - "Reign in Filth" 100 copies SOLD OUT
E- 004 Mania/Huldrekall - "Split" 200 copies SOLD OUT
E- 005 Aurora Bridge/ Cavernous Womb "Split" 95 copies SOLD OUT
E- 006 Huldrekall / L'Acephale "Split" 300 copies
E- 007 Wake "Discography" 300 copies
E- 008 Cavernous Womb "Cavernous Womb" 100 copies SOLD OUT
E- 009 Mercury "Inari" 200 copies
E- 010 BlackMold "Rehearsal Demo" undisclosed copies SOLD OUT
E- 011 Alda "Passage" 1st press 100 copies - 2nd press 200 copies
E- 012 Huldrekall "Into The Æther" 1st press 100 copies - 2nd press 200 copies
E- 013 BlackMold "Demos Compilation" 100 copies
E- 014 River "River" 100 copies
E- 015 Mania "Revel" 100 copies SOLD OUT
E- 016 Mercury / Cavernous Womb "Split" 100 copies
E- 017 Waul of the Weald "Waul of the Weald" 100 copies
E- 018 Deprogram "Demonstration Tape" 100 copies
E- 019 Nidstang "Retribution Will Come" 100 copies
E- 020 Huldrekall "What Else Will Fade?" 100copies 

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